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Readings that Inspire and Motivate

This collection reminds the reader that the past year has been “a season of self-reflection” and reckoning as health and economic challenges forced many to reconsider priorities and make changes. “I write about difficult relationships and lost love in the book. I also write about hope and a brighter tomorrow.  This year has been harder than anyone could imagine,” Dr. Vincent says. “I hope this work provides support and strength to everyone who needs the motivation to continue to persevere after this year’s devastating losses.”


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“It is essential to have faith

and be positive to live a full life,

and this work will enlighten anyone’s days.”

– Readers’ Favorite FIVE STARS. Read the full review by clicking HERE

Unbreakable: Readings That Inspire

and Motivate is especially recommended

as a gift for those facing new life challenges,

providing a welcome dose of positivity

in an often-negative world.

To read the full review in Midwest Book Review

please click HERE.


In a world that can often feel dark, Unbreakable provides profound words to comfort, uplift, and inspire hope.  The readings are accessible, real, and provide something for everyone.   Dr. Vincent’s authenticity provides each of us the ability to reflect on how the ups and downs of life don’t break us, instead, they leave us with opportunities for personal growth and happiness.

-Tanya Moore, Chief People Officer, M.C. Dean Inc.

Dr. Vincent’s voice comes through with every word in “Unbreakable”.  It’s clear to see that this book was written through a lens of mindfulness, empathy, and hope. Her wisdom and compassion is clearly demonstrated in “Unbreakable”.  This book can be used as a tool to gather your thoughts for reflection. Dr. Vincent uses her readings to coach and teach others how to overcome obstacles no matter what the circumstances.  Truly an amazing book that inspires hope and motivation.

– Donna J. Broussard, Ph.D., Owner of the Corporate Lookinglass LLC

Carolyn’s vulnerability and relatable experience lead us to our own reflection and introspection. Her words are a ship carrying us through the soulful, turbulent, rocky, passionate and peaceful waters of her journey  –  compelling us to look more deeply into our own. There is a reading to match every mood, every circumstance, every emotion. Beautifully written, with space for pairing your own reflections with each reading.

– Carol Robert, PCC, CDTLF, CEO, Opelion LLC

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