For this first blog I would like to discuss the importance of using your gifts and talents.  One of my gifts is writing. I love to write! It is calming, therapeutic, and stimulating. It is one of the few things I would do even if I were not getting paid! Consequently, writing this book has been an amazing journey for me. I have always loved writing as a way to reflect on various situations in my life. When things were going well, I found that writing gave me an avenue to express my gratitude! It was my way of demonstrating that I do not take the good things that happen in my life for granted. I relish in them. I appreciate them. I recognize just how blessed I am. Equally important, when things were not going well, writing gave me a safe space to think and contemplate on what I could do differently. Oftentimes, I would come up with the solution to a problem or challenge simply by taking a few minutes to write out my thoughts. I didn’t realize it years ago, but writing was not only my gift to others, but it was my gift to me.

I published this book for a number of reasons. First, I have always dreamed of publishing my readings but doubted my ability to make an impact. I told myself there were enough books and authors so it did not matter whether I wrote a book or not.  What difference would it make? This type of thinking did not serve me well. It limited my ability to see the importance of my gifts and talents. The second reason I published this book was to inspire and encourage others. Over the years, I have used my readings to motivate my friends, family, and colleagues to move forward regardless of their circumstances. I used the readings to challenge their thinking and remind them that they were special, valued, and loved.  Yet, I still could not visualize a place for my readings. I did not recognize the value that my voice could bring to the world. Again, my thinking was the obstacle that prevented me from moving forward sooner. The third reason I published this book was because I felt compelled to offer solace and encouragement in response to the unimaginable loss we have all suffered over the past year. I have also come to recognize that these readings can be a source of hope to those who read them. I have had many of these readings for years and could have published this book much sooner but I allowed my thinking to stop me from doing so. That is until now; this time was different.  I conquered my thoughts of doubt and did not allow my thinking to stop me. Instead, my thinking was what propelled me forward—this was the time, this was the moment, and this was the season for me to publish this book.

I hope that this article encourages you. There is so much that you have to give. You are talented, you are smart, and you have everything you need to be successful.  Do not allow your thinking to prevent you from using your gifts and talents to achieve your dreams. 

  1. What is keeping you from using your gifts and talents? 
  2. Are there actions or steps that you should be taking but have allowed your thinking to stop or limit you?
  3. What situations have you encountered or experienced where you just knew without a doubt that you were doing what you were destined to do? 
  4. How can you leverage those situations to help you in your current situation?