As a consultant and life coach, I sometimes work with clients who get stuck.  You might ask, “what does it mean to be stuck?”  When you are stuck, it means that you are allowing something (event, person, thing) to block you from doing the things you need to do.  It may have started as something you could not control such as grieving the loss of a loved one, unexpectedly losing your job, or as traumatic as dealing with the unimaginable losses we have suffered due to COVID.  As devastating as these events are; our responses can cause these events to evolve into something even more harmful preventing us from moving forward. We all have life changing events that rock our world. It would be so easy just to bask in the pain and the suffering. To stay in  the place of familiarity. I tell myself; I tell my clients and I am telling you that it’s okay to stay for a while, but we can’t remain there.  While you can not control some of the events and situations you experience, you can control your response. Yes, you should grieve. Yes, you should take the time you need. Yes, it may be painful.  But yes, you must get back up again.

When I am feeling stuck, here are some things that I do to uplift my spirits. 

  1. Reflect on what’s going well in my life—this small gesture makes me thankful.  
  2. Think about all the people that I love—reminds me of just how blessed I am.
  3. Go for a walk or exercise—it helps to clear my mind.  
  4. Jot down small incremental goals—writing them on paper makes them concrete.
  5. Laugh, laugh, laugh – puts me in a positive mindset and does wonders for the soul.  

These are small activities but they put me in a more positive space so I can see possibilities. What does it mean to be stuck to you? What are some things you do when you feel stuck?