Dr. Carolyn Vincent, president of Vincent Associates, LLC,  is an author,  trainer, guest speaker, certified executive & leadership coach, and an organizational development expert skilled at directing the development and implementation of human capital solutions.  She is a thought leader and trusted advisor who is skilled in propelling executive and workforce commitment to achieve transformational and organizational goals. Friends and colleagues know her as Dr. C.

Dr. Vincent came  from humble and simple beginnings. Born and raised in rural Arkansas,  she was one of 12 children; her father was a lumber mill worker, and her mother was a homemaker. Growing up money was often tight; and a result the children  sometimes had to wear hand me down clothes.  They  also had home gardens and food stamp supplements that helped to keep food on the table. While the family sometimes struggled financially, her  parents created a supportive and loving environment that instilled in their children the value of hard work, determination, and perseverance. Those humble beginnings provided the impetus for her to achieve success through furthering her education beyond high school.   The first in her family to go to college, achieve a  Bachelor of Science,  MBA, and Ed.D; education has been instrumental in shaping and enhancing her life.

In addition to education, Dr. Carolyn built strong relationships and knitted a wide network of personal friends and professional colleagues to help her become a successful educator and business professional.  She faced and conquered many of the same challenges and insecurities facing many people today.  She is a spiritual and compassionate person who began writing at a young age and found that it not only gave her a place to reflect on her thoughts and fears; it also enabled her to see a world of possibilities.   She  believes that her experiences and the lessons she learned—several of which are shared through her inspirational readings—had a profound impact on her life and can also encourage others.

Dr. Vincent earned an Ed.D. from The George Washington University, an executive MBA from Strayer University, and a B.S. degree in Business Management from Arkansas State University (ASU). She is also a certified coach through the International Coaching Federation where she provides individual and group coaching for anyone on a quest to improve their lives or just need a little support.

Dr. Carolyn and her husband Brady reside in Maryland.


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Dr. Vincent is an Organizational Change Management and Strategy Expert, Organizational Development Professional, ICF Certified Leadership Coach, Trainer, Trusted Advisor, and skilled Facilitator with 18+ years of experience directing the development and implementation of Organizational Change and Human Capital Solutions (HCS). She works with executives and managers to provide strategy & planning, and training to improve leadership effectiveness and organizational performance. She is skilled in developing both qualitative and quantitative assessment tools; analyzing results from those assessments and developing client-specific recommendations. Her work in the federal sector also has included the development and assessment of organizational goals, objectives, missions, and functions. Dr. Vincent also holds an adjunct faculty appointment at the University of Maryland where she teaches graduate courses on leadership, critical thinking, and organizational communications.

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Recent Articles

15 Beautiful Ways to be Fearless Regardless of Your Age – Read at Purpose Fairy

Transferring Leadership Skills Into Retirement and Volunteer Opportunities – Read at Baby Boomers



Perfect timing!  Just when our nation needed a strong dose of hope and inspiration to elevate our spirits, Dr. Vincent delivers the magic elixir with beautifully crafted prose lased with a consistent element of faith woven throughout.  Highly recommend you tap into this fresh spring that that is helpful for the soul and nourishment for healing.  This wonderful book is replete with inspiring essays to serve as your guide to carefully navigate through life’s inevitable trials and tribulations.  No matter what stage of life you are in, you will surely discover much needed sage advice and a blanket of comfort to help you safely move forward with a renewed sense of strength and confidence.  Grab onto this remarkable lifeline and prepare for victory!

– Major General Joseph Ward, United States Air Force (Ret.)

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