Unbreakable:  Readings that Inspire and Motivate is a book that speaks to our ability to persevere in spite of the obstacles we encounter.  Its purpose is to encourage, uplift, and offer hope for a better tomorrow.  I hope that you will see that no matter where you are in your journey—there is always hope. There is always an opportunity to improve and grow.  You may have been shattered, you may have been bruised, you may have even been knocked down a few times but you did not break because you are Unbreakable!

By Dr. Carolyn Vincent


Readings that Inspire & Motivate


Dr. Carolyn Vincent (Dr. C)

Dr. Carolyn Vincent, president of Vincent Associates, LLC, is an author, trainer, guest speaker, certified executive and leadership coach, and an organizational development expert skilled at directing the development and implementation of human capital solutions.  She is a thought leader and trusted advisor who is skilled in propelling executive and workforce commitment to achieve transformational and organizational goals.  


Unbreakable is a beautiful piece of work that reminds everyone that hope is not lost.  In this book, Dr. Vincent weaves a narrative of reflection and inspiration that instills perseverance for the reader.  She reminds us that our life is not defined by one chapter in time but is a collection of relationships, experiences, thoughts and desires.”

– Jason A. Hite, former Chief Human Resources Officer with Office of the Chief Administrative Officer – U.S. House of Representatives

Unbreakable poems are nurturing to the soul. They will revive your thoughts and send you thriving to new heights! Dr. Vincent provides a gift of packed perseverance on every page, tailored to any situation. Each page begs the next.

– Dr. Virginia Sargent, Author of With Vision, People Profit

Dr. Carolyn Vincent’s book “Unbreakable” is a must-read for today’s COVID  times and quite frankly any time – it is just that – timeless.  I highly recommend this book because it is written in such a way that allows me to pick it up and choose which reflection I want to read for that day or moment.  Dr. Vincent covers the gambit of life and I found myself relating to many of the writings and finding comfort that I am not alone when it comes to being resilient when facing the obstacle of life.  

– Wanda Bayless Willis, CEO, Bayless Consulting Services

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